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The use of ionic liquids as a replacement technology for harsh chemicals is gaining popularity.  Often ionic liquids (IL) are much less toxic and hazardous than their former counterparts, allowing companies to meet the escalating regulations and restrictions placed on chemicals within the EU.  The ionic liquids can also often achieve the same (or better) end results, whilst operating at lower temperatures and are less energy hungry, helping to reduce to manufacturing carbon footprints.


MACFEST will utilise the properties of ionic liquids and produce solderable finishes with improved joint reliability.  This project will develop new ionic liquid-based nickel-palladium-gold solderable coatings that can provide the enhanced performance required in mission ciritical applications.  Alongside the environmental benefits the ionic liquids have demonstrated the ability to provide significant improvements in coating quality, integriy and solder joint reliability.  This advanced process will assisst with electronics manufacturing where components and boards are becoming smaller, more densly populated and the development of 3D structures. 



This project is co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency

Project number: 102020